Vasayo Review – Company Products Reviewed

Hello, welcome to my personal Vasayo review. We are hearing a lot of buzz regarding the company since December 2016, so I decided to find out everything about the company. If you are wondering if the company is legit or a scam you have come to the correct place, here I will talk about this company, their products as well as compensation plan so that you can decide accordingly. So below is the given information that I have found out for you…

About the company: 

Vasayo is said to be the brain kid of Larsen and before Vasayo, Larsen and wife Karree were into a MLM company named Monavie in the year 2005. They were the main leaders of the company for around 10 years but later in 2015 Jeunesse took over the company and it is no longer with us. After this Vasayo was made and lead by Larsen who was among the top leader and distributor in Monavie.

The products: 

Like every other marketing company, Vasayo sells its items to retail customers. Vasayo Company specializes in wellness, supplement, and health niche. Vasayo says that most of the vitamins and supplements available in the market are not absorbed by the body and is all a waste. Whereas Vasayo products works very well and are absorbed completely by the body. Now this is what they say, they haven’t proved it yet. Currently they are offering 5 products…

Vasayo nutritionals essentials
Vasayo nutritionals energy
Vasayo nutritionals neuro
Vasayo nutritionals renew
Vasayo nutritionals sleep
Each of these products has their own usage and claims to give guaranteed results. As of according to my research no ingredients or prices are provided for the products.

Compensation plan: 

We don’t have a lot of information regarding the compensation play but now you can join the company as a leader and should have these qualifications:

You should be a leader who has made large organizations
You should posses leader in transition
You must have leadership qualities
You should be a great leader with wisdom
You must be a humble leader
You should be someone who is searching for significance
You must be trustworthy and someone who be trusted

Vasayo ranks: 

There are around 18 ranks in the compensation plan of the company here I will talk about a few of them and explain them.

Brand partner: You can sign up as company affiliate

Qualified brand partner: You should make 80 PV in a month and maintain at least single active customer as well as 2 affiliates who are active.

Executive brand partner: This goes same like the qualified brand partner just you have to make 800 GV.

After this the company has bronze, silver, platinum, pearl, blue sapphire, ruby, emerald, diamond after which black diamond, royal black diamond, imperial black diamond, crown blue diamonds, double crown blue diamond and lastly triple crown blue diamond. Here PV means personal volume that is what you make through your own sales. GV means Group volume that is made by your personal down line.

Retail commissions: 

In this there are some things already known as it has 8 ways to get payment and the members are able to earn around 20% of the retail sales.

Recruitment commission payout: 

The cost paid in the commission depends on volume made by the particular member for that particular month:

80 PV= 10 percent bonus
160 PV= 20 percent bonus

Residual commissions: 

Now this commission is given through binary compensation which consists of 2 teams. At the end of every week the company checks the volume of both left and right and then pays you on lesser leg. After you hit 240 GV from both the sides, you can easily earn 25 dollars.

Matching bonus: 

After you make 160 PV in a month you can easily get the matching bonus that is given via unilevel generations. And in rank bonus, after you hit the black diamond or greater you are able to get rand advancement bonus.

Amount to join the Vasayo Company: 

The amount to join the company is 239$, 499$ and 899$. I think these packages are for limited period only.

Final verdict on Vasayo Company: 

Overall the company does not seem to be a scam. But they have not provided complete information for me to come to a concrete conclusion as I don’t know how these products work and what their prices are. Personally I would hold on and see if the products work or not. If the products are overpriced then you guys will have a very tough time in selling them, if not you will be in a very good shape.

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